While blackheads aren’t usually a cause for concern, they can be hard to ignore when staring at yourself in the mirror. If you’re looking to add a new step to your skincare regimen to help minimise the appearance of pores and blackheads, experiment with a mild blackhead mask, which can help exfoliate your pores and absorb excess oils. Continue reading to see our top picks for the best blackhead face masks.

Before we dive into the best blackhead masks, here’s a gist of what a blackhead is: A blackhead is a waxy plug comprised of oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria that becomes trapped in your pore and clogs it. Experts say that when the wax plug is pushed to the skin’s surface, the air oxidises it and makes it black.

While it may be tempting to squeeze blackheads on your own, dermatologists do not advise it. According to experts, your fingertips contain oils and grime that might create more breakouts, as well as severely harm your skin if you press on it incorrectly. If the condition persists, try to be patient or consult a dermatologist.

Invest in these blackhead face masks for squeaky clean pores

This multifunctional treatment works as a daily cleanser, scrub and deep-cleansing mask to visibly reduce the appearance of pores and blackheads while controlling excess oil and smoothing the way for clearer skin, helping to prevent future blackheads. A potent blend of salicylic acid and glucosamine clears dead surface skin cells while silica, kaolin clay and laminaria saccarina extract help dislodge blackhead-casing dirt, oil and debris. Soothing ingredients like vitamin E leave the skin feeling calm and comfortable.

The kaolin clay and charcoal powder will work together to absorb excess sebum in your pores, minimising their appearance and helping in the prevention of blackheads. This will be your best friend if you have oily skin.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay has a devoted fan base. This one-ingredient drugstore staple includes only bentonite clay—nothing more, nothing less—to absorb the oil that causes blackheads.

The magnetic power of Charcoal draws out dirt, excess oil, impurities and toxins, thereby detoxifying and brightening up your skin in just 10 minutes. This creamy, non-drying charcoal mask leaves skin feeling clean, velvety, and rebalanced, addressing your dull, tired skin to reveal a purified, even and radiant complexion.

It combines the amazingly curative power of blue tansy oil with alpha and beta hydroxy acids provided by papaya and pineapple. It’s formulated with white willow bark, which is a natural beta-hydroxy acid high in salicylic acid. It works by gently shedding the top layer of skin to decongest and unclog pores; fruit enzymes, including papaya and pineapple, which work to gently exfoliate and rid skin of dead cells to leave the complexion smoother, softer and fresher.

It’s ideal for people with excessively oily skin who want to address excessive sebum production and pore-clogging impurities, as well as those who want a powerful cleanser to combat the ever-increasing level of microdust in the air.

A multi-action, rinse-off clay mask created with Jeju Volcanic Clusters & Spheres cools skin on contact, absorbs excess oil for visibly smaller pores, and helps to enhance the overall skin appearance and texture.

If the fact that this blackhead face mask is inexpensive doesn’t instantly persuade you, its insanely powerful formula will. A mix of blackhead-removing charcoal and antioxidant-rich acai oil will always leave your skin smooth and nourished.

This blackhead face mask is popular due to its all-natural ingredients and gorgeous packaging. Apply a generous coating to clean skin and let it on for 20 minutes to let the oil-absorbing white clay and pore-minimizing papaya enzymes do their thing.

It’s a lifesaver for city dwellers since it pulls out impurities to alleviate congestion and reduce the likelihood of blemishes or breakouts, while pink clay purges pores of blackhead-causing and excess oils.

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